Quick Start For Financial Service Cloud (Wealth)

Duration: 2 week

Cost: $10,000



Key activities

  • Business review
  • Solution Design
  • Data Migration
  • Develop User interactions
  • Implement Security Policies
  • Training
  • Go-live support and assistance


Key benefits

  • Improved CRM adoption
  • Increase agent productivity
  • Improved first call resolution
  • Decreased resolution time
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer retention


Additional Services

  • Service Cloud Integrations – Integrate with your most trusted apps to continue to build your 360 degree view of the customer and reduce administrative overhead.
  • Administrative Support – If you don’t have time to maintain salesforce, Cloudland can manage your implementation and improvements for you.
  • Service Cloud Implementation – Don’t stop at just your sales team.  Provide a unified customer experience with Service Cloud.


Improve client visibility

  • Provider Integrations – Integrate with your core providers, banks, holding, or brokerage firms. Bring your client’s financial state front and center when you need it the most… during your client interactions.
  • Portfolio Management Integrations – Understand what your clients state real time and the value you are building for them. Manage the portfolio with your trusted solution, while managing your customer relationship with Salesforce.

Improve efficiency – Spend more time with your client’s by reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.  Integrate with document management, CPQ, legal, or partner systems.

Business Challenge

The Wealth Management industry has experienced tremendous growth since the recession, as a result, it has become more and more competitive and challenging to manage client effectively.  With the Financial Cloud, Salesforce provides and innovative solution that cater to the Wealth Management Industry to help you do just that.  With the Financial Cloud, you have the flexibility of Salesforce, without having the need to build out a custom application to meet your needs.



The Cloudland Technology solution

We will partner with you to tailor a Sales Cloud solution that aligns with your business needs.


» Start with a business review to understand your current state vision, goals and processes. We will work with your sales team to define what works, what does not, and what could use improvement. We will provide a solution design and a roadmap that will guide you on the journey to long term success.


» The next step is to build user experience that is clean and simple. Our goal is to align, automate, and simplify the sales process. Focus your teams by providing critical information to create a personal connection with prospective and existing customers.


» Focus on continuous improvement with analytics. We use key success metrics to build reports & dashboards to support your goals. To support analytics and your customers useful Data is essential.

 While importing your accounts & contacts, we will work with you to keep your data clean and useful.


» Sales is all about customer interactions. Brand your communications. Provide a way generate leads right from your website. Build in reminders and a process that always keep clients on top of mind.


» Security is paramount to maintaining customer trust. We will help add users, access policies, and ensure data is available only on a “need to know” basis.


» Finally, adoption is our number one goal. A system that is not used, does not provide value. We support your success with training and ongoing support.

·       Live training on your Sales Cloud solution.

·       Self-paced curriculum for all users, existing and future.

·       Schedule for adoption and best practice guidelines.

·       Go-live support for 30 days.

·       Follow ups quarterly for the first year to be sure you are on track


Integration (x1)

For wealth management companies, understanding a full 360 view of the customer is essential to provide the best service and products to your customer. So as part of Cloudland’s Financial Services Quickstart, we will integrate one supported Provider or Portfolio Management Platform.  Please visit our website for supported integrations.


Financial Cloud Features:

With the power of Salesforce, we can tailor and configure a solution that automates your business process.  As a result, allowing you to spend more time with your clients.


Track all your interactions with 4 account types:

  • Household – Track all of your client’s relationships and their financial well-being
  • Business – Track a business account
  • Individual – Track a prospect or client
  • Institution – Track an institutional prospect or client


360 degree view of your client’s financial state:

  • Investment Accounts – Brokerage, IRA(s) or 529 plan(s).
  • Bank Accounts – Checking, Savings
  • Insurance Policies – Life Insurance
  • Mortgage – Open or closed mortgages, heloc, and loans.
  • Credit Cards – Personal, Business


Track the details that matter:

  • Financial Account Roles – Designate your client’s beneficiary and manage relationships.
  • Financial Account Transactions – Track transactions that have taken place on your client’s accounts (Investment, Bank, Insurance, etc)
  • Billing Statements – Track your client’s billing statements
  • Financial Holding – Track you client’s investments (stocks, ETFs, etc)
  • Assets and Liabilities – Track your client’s real estate holdings vs out goings
  • Identification Documents – Assist with client identity verification


Help your clients reach their goals

  • Financial Goals – Track your client’s financial goals so you can better advise them


Manage your Company Pipeline, Activities, and Growth

  •  Revenue – Track revenue generated from a particular client
  • Activities/Tasks – Log calls and setup follow up reminders with your clients.
  • Dashboards/Reports – which can provide you with a overall view of:

      Total Assets Under Management

      Total Financial Accounts

      Your Book of Business

      Most Valuable Clients